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A masterpiece by


September 6th to October 10th 2016

In 2016, on the occasion of the opening of our new place at 27 rue Saint-Dominique in Paris VII and before a major retrospective on the work of an abstract art and musicalist movement pioneer for late October; before a presentation organized in December for two contemporary artists, one of which is Europe’s leading ceramicists ; we decided to dedicate all places for the whole month of September to an exceptional work of American Aesthetic Movement, found- ed around 1880 by Herter Brothers, famous American cabinetmakers/designers of those times.

This event, rare for France, has become possible thanks to the discovery of an important presidential desk, made of nished blackened wood, adorned with carved gold and purple threads and nished with blazing precious wood inlay panels shaped with luxurious patterns that made the reputation for Herter Brothers, house. Despite its very accomplished aesthetics, this piece of furniture that arrived in our country most likely in the late nineteenth century to an architect’s place, appears to be quite functional, with drawbars, doors, drawers, toilet lids as well as amazing card holder gussets preserved in their original stained purple leather. 

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